History of the Teams

F0711-01 @ FSG 2006 | © FSG Ruehland

The Combustion

The history of the Formula Student team at the University of Stuttgart began in 2005 with the founding of Rennteam by Michael Kissling, Konrad Paule, and Sebastian Seewaldt. The second season marked a significant milestone for the team, when they clinched their first overall victory in the combustion class at the Hockenheimring with the F0711-2. This success not only affirmed the team’s determination and technical expertise but also laid the foundation for an impressive series of achievements in the years to come.

E0711-01 @ FSG 2010 | © FSG Almonat

The Electric

In 2009, the decision was made to establish a second team, GreenTeam. Since then, Rennteam focused on designing a combustion engine vehicle while GreenTeam focused on manufacturing an all-electric vehicle.

Both teams were able to leverage the experiences of previous seasons, and GreenTeam secured an overall victory for Stuttgart in its very first season.

E0711-11EVO | © GreenTeam Monsters - Partenfelder

The Record Hunters

In 2012 (E0711-2), 2015 (E0711-5), and 2022 (E0711-11 EVO), they even managed with the help of their “Förderverein” to break the world record for acceleration from 0-100 km/h with a time of 1.461 seconds. The “Förderverein” of the GreenTeam looks after its old vehicles and supports the team in developing new vehicles. More about the “Förderverein” can be found here.

The Reunification

With the decision to abolish the combustion class starting from the 2023/2024 season at the Formula Student Germany, it was decided to reunite the two previously seperate teams. Therefore, from this season onward, there will only be one Formula Student Team at the University of Stuttgart, Rennteam Uni Stuttgart.

© GreenTeam Media - Partenfelder

The team’s focus will now be entirely on the design and manufacturing of an electrical race car, which will also compete in the Driverless category. By coming together, the teams can draw upon their extensive experience in designing and building over 30 race cars with electric motors and combustion engines, and can combine the strengths of both teams.

The old websites of GreenTeam and Rennteam are still accessible until further notice.

Rennteam Building, Campus Uni Stuttgart | © Rennteam Media

Our Team

The team consists of students from various fields of study and places great emphasis on personal responsibility, professionalism, discipline, and quality. Work is carried out in different “subteams,” each led by a subteam leader, and the entire racing team is overseen by the chairpersons. Rennteam Uni Stuttgart e.V. is a registered association.


The development and manufacturing of the race cars primarily take place in our own building on the campus in Vaihingen. This facility provides space for an office, a kitchen, and several fully equipped workshop rooms.

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