High Voltage Accumulator, E0711-11 EVO | © Partenfelder

Cell Sponsorship

Since our inception, the race team has emphasized inventiveness and an innovative spirit, which are central to our philosophy in tackling the challenges of Formula Student. Of particular focus is, of course, the powertrain. It serves as the heart of every race car, including our purely electric vehicles. The high-voltage accumulator, in particular, requires a high level of attention as an energy source. To meet this demand, a new high-voltage accumulator is built and tested within the race team every year. The data collected directly contributes to the next development cycle.

For each generation of our self-developed powertrain, numerous lithium-polymer cells are required. When connected in series, these cells generate a nominal voltage of up to 600 V, working in conjunction with our self-developed hub motors on each tire to provide the necessary propulsion and maximum acceleration.

The race team once again offers all its friends, supporters, and advocates the opportunity to become sponsors of our battery cells. If you are interested you can contact us either by phone or email.

  • Each sponsor will be immortalized on our accumulator container. This ensures that all sponsors are constant companions at the competitions we participate in.
  • To stay informed, sponsors can opt to receive newsletters about all the events and progress of our team.
  • Additionally, the three most generous sponsors will have the opportunity to experience an exclusive test day at the end of the season.

The proceeds enable us to cover the costs for our newly developed accumulator and to approach the next competition season with the best possible conditions.

We are grateful for every sponsor who will accompany us on this journey!

How can I become a sponsor?

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