The Formula Student

Formula Student is an international design competition for students. The objective is to design and manufacture a race car within a year.

FSG 23 Panoramic Picture | © FSG Maru

The competition, Formula SAE, was initiated in 1981 by the Society of Automotive Engineers in America and was first held in Germany in 2006 under the name Formula Student. In Europe, there are additional events held in countries such as Austria, England, the Netherlands, Hungary, Spain, and Croatia.

Teams can compete in three classes: Combustion, Electric, and Driverless. The main difference between the race cars lies in their powertrain. Starting from the 2023/2024 season, in Germany, there are only two classes left: Electric and Driverless.

Such an event consists of scrutineering, where the car is inspected for compliance with the rules, static, and dynamic disciplines. A total of 1000 points can be earned.


Business Plan Presentation
Cost and Manufacturing
Engineering Design


Endurance + Efficiency
250 + 75


Driverless Skidpad
Driverless Acceleration



FSG 23 Engineering Design Finals | © FSG Partenfelder

Engineering Design (150 points)

Decisions made during the season regarding the vehicle concept must be explained to the jury using analyses, experiments, and simulations. Additionally, the technical background knowledge of the students regarding individual vehicle parts will be assessed.

Business Plan (75 points)

The objective is to prepare a business plan for the car or a specific component and present it to a fictitious company consisting of a jury.

Cost Report (100 points)

The costs and processes associated with the vehicle are outlined and explained. Additionally, factors such as potential mass production, supplier changes, etc., must be elaborated upon.


Autocross @ FSG23 | © FSG Partenfelder

Acceleration (50 points)

The vehicle must accelerate from a standstill over a distance of 75 meters and achieve the lowest time.

Skidpad (50 points)

The vehicle must complete a figure-eight maneuver twice in both directions.

Autocross (100 points)

The vehicle must complete a designated course (approximately 1 km) as quickly as possible without touching the cones lining the track or going off-course.

Endurance (250 points)

The vehicle must cover a distance of 22 kilometers without any technical defects. There is a driver change at the halfway point of the race.